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ABeam Consulting

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

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  • Management Consulting

What it does: Management consulting services for different industries including automotive, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, and leasing sectors.

Best known for: ABeam Consulting was once part of Deloitte.

Staff stats: More than 5,900 employees.

The good bits: The company’s graduate analyst program involves a six-month overseas training assignment in Tokyo, Japan.

The not so good bits: Some employees said that their career progression becomes stagnant once they become managers. ABeam Consulting reportedly favours Japanese nationals for higher roles like senior managers and partners, which could be related to its headquarters being located in Japan.

The ABeam Consulting story

ABeam Consulting started in Japan as Tohmatsu Touche Ross Consulting in 1981. The company later changed its name to Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting Co Ltd in 1997, as part of their affiliation with Deloitte Consulting International Group. ABeam Consulting only adopted their current name in 2003 after withdrawing from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

The company expanded in Asia and Europe by 2006 and established a USA-based outsourcing practice in 2009. ABeam Consulting’s corporate presence spans 13 countries and 29 offices as of 2019. Their services mainly comprise consulting for business process, IT and management areas.

The recruitment process

Applications at ABeam Consulting can take one week or over four weeks on average. The actual process, however, will depend on each regional office:


Aspiring SAP consultants who apply in person can expect to know the outcome of their applications within one week. An HR representative and the hiring manager will conduct the interview in English. Some previous applicants said that being invited for an interview already assures a job offer, but you should still prepare for technical questions to demonstrate that you fully understand the role.


The headquarters office in Tokyo usually takes over two weeks to process candidates for consultant roles.


Abeam Consulting requires candidates to include a cover letter, photo and resume in English. Applicants must also provide their preferred type of contract (eg permanent or contractor role), date of availability and fluency level in Japanese, if applicable.


You may receive a job offer after three days if you apply as a consultant through a staffing agency. The interviews may be conducted in English and Japanese with the senior manager and partner.


The company’s hiring process involves four stages if you apply as a graduate analyst: a phone interview, candidate workshop, office interview with a senior manager or director, and a final interview with the managing director. The candidate workshop will test your individual and team-player skills based on a given case study. You should also expect questions about your work ethic (eg what to do when there’s no work), reasons for choosing ABeam Consulting and technical skills. The interview questions may be difficult depending on how you prepare for them:

  • How many Toyota cars are there in Bangkok?
  • How many airplanes are there at an airport in one day?
  • How many doors are there in a department store?


Your application must include a cover letter, photo and resume in English. Most vacancies at the regional office need experienced candidates.

Career prospects

The company has a defined and structured career path for each employee. Fresh graduates start at the company as an analyst and gradually move up as a consultant, senior consultant, manager, senior manager, director and principal.


Data scientists and SAP consultants are some of the entry-level roles that don’t require a specific number of years for experience. The company, however, hires individuals as data scientist consultants if they meet an extensive list of skills in analysis, data extraction and statistics. ABeam Consulting prefers to recruit candidates who are below 35 years old for SAP consultant roles with module certification.


Graduate analysts must have a minimum GPA of 2.75, fluency in written and spoken English, logical thinking and teamwork skills. You’ll have a chance to work at the company’s headquarters in Japan for six months, as part of the overseas training assignment for graduate analysts. Your work will exclusively focus on technology consulting including SAP consulting, data management and analytics and IT advisory.



The annual average salaries for analysts vary from ¥3.9 million to ¥4.25 million. Consultants earn different figures depending on the role, although the average rates range between ¥260,000 and ¥280,000 per month.


Consultants earn between S$5,000 and S$6,000 per month on average.


Business analysts earn TWD43,000 to TWD47,000 per month on average, while a consultant’s median salary ranges from TWD916,000 to TWD992,000 per year.


A business analyst at ABeam Consulting earns between THB22,000 and THB24,000 per month on average. The median salary for managers ranges from THB162,000 to THB177,000 per month. The entry-level salaries are lower than some companies. Accenture’s analysts, for instance, earn THB33,000 per month on average.

The culture

ABeam Consulting claims to have a horizontal work environment despite having several management hierarchies. You’ll have several opportunities to learn about different international companies, particularly during your overseas stint in Japan. Employees recognise the supportive environment at the company, as well as friendly colleagues who know each other on a first-name basis.

Some employees, however, feel that management lacks accountability and transparency for their actions. This disconnect with rank-and-file employees somehow affects their performance reviews, which they describe as being dependent on an employee’s connections instead of merit.

The competition

The company’s peers in the consulting industry include Accenture, A.T. Kearney, Avanade, Booz & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Cognizant, and Frost & Sullivan.

The vibe of the place

You should be prepared for an uphill climb at the company’s corporate ladder, regardless of the structured career path. The entry-level salaries won’t be impressive either, but the opportunity to travel and work in Japan should make up for it. Graduates can use the six-month work assignment to improve their CVs and ask for a higher salary, once they decide to look for their next opportunity.

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